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Mystery Series A Vampire Tale v1.3.96-ALiAS

Download Mystery Series A Vampire Tale v1.3.96 ALiAS

Release name: Mystery.Series.A.Vampire.Tale.v1.3.96-ALiAS
Size: 145 MB
Release Date: 23.01.2013
Language: ENG
NFO: Here
Release Description:
Step into a dark and mysterious universe and take on the role of innocent young Caroline, trying to solve her father’s mysterious disappearance. Travel from sunny cities to cold ancient ruins and discover a world you never thought existed. When Caroline decides to leave for Transylvania in search of her missing father she finds a hidden and dangerous realm but also unexpected help, when, by mistake, she unlocks the prison of an ancient vampire. This unprecedented twist of events will immerse you in a secret ancient society as you discover vampire clan wars that have been raging for millennia.
The first Transylvanian studio to make a Transylvanian game
Beautiful gothic-inspired artwork- inspired by folkloric legends and tales
Scrolling realistic scenes with 3D effects and animations
Amazing replay value- provided by a random hidden objects system and competitive scoring
Journey through an enthralling plot- uncover a secret society and a long feuding war between ancient vampire clans
Find the hidden objects in 16 challenging levels
Solve 16 mini-games
Bonus features: Find the 16 hidden scrolls hidden in every level
Immersive soundtrack
Captivating cut-scenes, voiced over in English, French and German
Localized in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish
Download Mystery Series A Vampire Tale v1.3.96 ALiAS
Download Mystery Series A Vampire Tale v1.3.96 ALiASDownload Mystery Series A Vampire Tale v1.3.96 ALiAS Total : 145 MB

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