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Timeless The Lost Castle v1.05.02.2013-TE

Download Timeless The Lost Castle v1.05.02.2013 TE

Release name: Timeless.The.Lost.Castle.v1.05.02.2013-TE
Size: 207 MB
Release Date: 09.02.2013
Language: ENG
NFO: Here
Release Description:
Every night you’ve been haunted by visions of a man in a red hood, pleading for you to save an innocent soul. You pack your bags for Europe, but soon you’ll find yourself headed for a different destination, stranded aboard a flying ship. In the distance, an ancient castle among the snowy mountains holds the key to releasing a young girl’s spirit, but it also contains an ancient evil sleeping just under its foundations. Follow in the footsteps of the Man in Red and uncover his secrets in Timeless: The Lost Castle, a mysterious Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.
Three levels of difficulty
Explore a snow-covered castle
Unmask the Man in Red
A story of betrayal and redemption
Download Timeless The Lost Castle v1.05.02.2013 TE
Download Timeless The Lost Castle v1.05.02.2013 TEDownload Timeless The Lost Castle v1.05.02.2013 TE Total : 207 MB

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