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Wooden Sensey-VACE

Download Wooden Sensey VACE

Release name: Wooden_Sensey-VACE
Size: 114 MB
Release Date: 26.01.2013
Language: ENG
NFO: Here
Release Description:
Wooden Sen’SeY is an action-platformer for PC and Mac, set in a unique “Japan Steam Rock” universe. You follow Goro, a village chief, as he seeks revenge through a variety of levels. He will defeat his enemies using his axes to slice, dice, squash and
Exotic new worlds, old school hardcore gameplay and beautiful 3D graphics!
Various graphics, music and gameplay for each level!
Several ways to take the way of the Sensei: dive in or play with finesse!
“Dev-Time” challenge for each level: beat the developers’ time!
Download Wooden Sensey VACE
Download Wooden Sensey VACEDownload Wooden Sensey VACE Total : 114 MB

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