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Download FILM gratis APPLESEED (2004)

Tanggal Rilis : 17 April 2004 (Japan)
Jenis Film : Sci-Fi | Action | Animation
Diperankan Oleh : Ai Kobayashi, Jûrôta Kosugi and Yuki Matsuoka

Ringkasan Cerita FILM APPLESEED (2004) :

In the year 2131 A.D., Deunen Knute (voice of Ai Kobayashi) is a female warrior for hire who, after encountering her former lover Briareos (voice of Jurota Kosugi), discovers he’s not the man he once was — he’s now part human and part robot. As Deunen and Briareos venture into the high-tech city of Olympus, they meet Hitomi (voice of Yuki Matsuoka), who is a member of a genetically engineered race of strong and intelligent beings who have taken over rule of the city.
They have not done so without resistance, and Deunen and Briareos join forces with Hitomi and her cohorts when rebels launch an attack on the city. But while she defends Olympus, Deunen begins to suspect she has a greater alliance to those who wish to defeat Olympus than those who defend it.
[IMDb rating : 6.9/10]
[Awards : - ]
[Production Co : Appleseed Film Partners, Digital Frontier, Geneon Entertainment]
[IMDb link : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0401233]

[Quality : BRRip 720p]
[File Size : 750 MB]
[Format : Matroska >> mkv]
[Resolution : 1280x720]
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